Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Fall now!


Fall is my favorite season I think. It has the best smells, and I do love being able to wear my cute sweaters and layer thing up. And the sun is still shining bright, not all hidden by grey clouds like in the winter.


And in SL I like to dig through my inventory and find lost or not nearly used enough treasures. That is how this post happened. A little inventory digging.


Shirt: [W&B] Womens Contrast Long Sleeve YELLOW METAL/FLORAL (old stumblebum color)
Pants: JANE - 27 jeans.classic wash
Necklace: Dark Mouse I'm in the Mood Necklace - Silver
Hair: ::Exile:: Hope:Roots- Teak
Skin: !Leafy Zan(Dusty) – Garden (Limited Edition)
Eyes: Shine Monet Antique

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