Monday, August 1, 2011

Mooo for your Monday

Miss Moo

Miss Moo is here to make you Monday a little more....bovine? What can I say I have a strange need to blog as Miss Moo on Monday, it just makes sense in my head. Anyway She is decked out in some nice goodies, some older than others. Lets start at the top and work down shall we? The hair, while still technically on the new side, it isn't the newest release from Exile. That being said it is still lovely and stretches nicely for my big 'ol head. Now onto my necklace, it's from at the Albero gacha festival. If you haven't been you really should, it's so addictive. If you are lucky like I am you have friends who shower you with their extras ♥ You have until the 10th to get over there so don't wait around! Oh and speaking of running out of time, while the Seasons Hunt may be over if you hurry over to The Secret Store you may be able to find Steve the Shark and score yourself some shorts like I am wearing. And last but not least my shirt, it is an old standby from Pink's yellow so of course I love it.

Cow Avatar: DERP. Bovine [Guernsey Brown]
Shirt: [PO] Brit Krust Button Shirt - sunny
Shorts: The Secret Store - Summer beach shorts - Lagoon (from the Seasons Hunt)
Hair: Exile Bailey:Marone
Necklace: fri. - Thoreau.Necklace (Gold) @ Albero Gacha Festival
Poses: {TERHO}

**Just so you know {TERHO} will be closing it's inworld doors soon and there is a sale going on so if you want good stuff for now much money...go!**

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