Monday, August 15, 2011

Miss Moo Monday - Roast Beef

Miss Moo decided to hit the beach this weekend. She enjoyed splashing in the surf and even took a few pictures.
Miss Moo hits the beach

She likes showing off her bovine booty. Unfortunately Miss Moo did not remember to wear her sunscreen and she turned up for her photo shoot looking like this...
The aftermath

Hopefully she learned her lesson and next time will not turn a trip to the beach into a spontaneous BBQ.

Cow Avatar: DERP. Bovine [Guernsey Brown]
Bikini: **Honey*Soul-Bikini-Dot01 (from gacha machine here)
Hair: Exile Riot Girl:Roots-Fern

After shot:
Dress: :::Sn@tch Jaded Beyond Belief:::
Sunburn: Reek - Sunburn

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