Thursday, August 4, 2011

Melon in the woods

53 weeks of color - Melon

I would like to go on record now saying it was very hard to resist making jokes about melons and hooters. I mean I am wearing a melon colored dress with an owl on it and an owl necklace. That is will power people! Anyway this is my look for this weeks color, melon. Though to be fair there is a fair amount of brown and green squeezing in there as well. Oh well I am going to run before all the cheesy puns that are building up inside me start flowing, but here is another picture before I go.....
Melon and hooter....snicker


Dress: JANE - cindy lou who dress.melon/truffle
Socks: Grixdale - Antique - Sock Set - Vintage
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Mochi Hair - Gingerbread
Necklace: Lolapop! Nostalgia Necklace - Silver Metal
Skin: *L*Luna - Toffee - Bell
Eyeshadow(tattoo): Lolapop! Jacqueline Eyeshadow Tattoo
Lipstick(tattoo): *L* [Luna]Lipstick_Vamp
Lashes (prim): KOSH- NO ALPHA LASHES V8
Lashes (tattoo): L.Fauna Lashes [False]
Eyes: .ID. Spring Eyes - Wet Sand

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