Friday, July 8, 2011

Queen of the Stars

Queen Starleen looks down from her star

Yep you see it right, stars and yellow so it must be a Phire post. That poof you see around me is the skirt of a dress, new from the Twinkle Bazaar. My loving friends have taken to calling the Twinkle Bazaar "Phire Crack" because I am sure you can guess there is a bunch of items with stars on them. Anyway the skin and makeup are also from there. As for the hair well sure it may not be my every day look, but how could I resist a color changing star crown type thing?

Hair: {Haunted Zuzu} Door to the Stars Hair @ Hair Fair
Dress: *H+K* twinkle tutu babydoll_long @ Twinkle Bazaar
Skin:*My UGLYDOROTHY- TANABATA Skin02 @ Twinkle Bazaar
Makeup(tattoo layer): *My UGLYDOROTHY- TANABATA Eyemakeup02 @ Twinkle Bazaar
Earrings: Lolapop! Estrellitas earrings
Eyes: Shine Monet Tranquility
Lashes (tattoo layer): L.Fauna Lashes [False]

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