Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thoughtful Mahogany


The title pretty much says it all. This is my picture for this weeks color as I am sure you guessed. I think I took about 20 different pictures with different windlight settings and this one just stood out. There is something peaceful and deep(ish) about it with out seeming depressing. Does that make sense to anyone other than me? Anyway here are the credits.....

Sweater: ** [ Riddle ] ** Love Letters Sweatshirt - Orange
Pants: JANE - 27 distressed, cuffed jeans.
Necklace and earrings: *League* Wanderer Jewellery Set -Golden Oak
Ring: Shine Gilded Lily ring
Shoes: HOC Apparel - Hocs Lowtops tied
Hair: Exile Nina:Roots-Marone
Skin: *L*Luna - Toffee - Pure

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