Friday, June 3, 2011

A skin post!

It has been forever since I have done a long skin post so be prepared. Today I am going to focus on the Luna skin from Leafy, and I am going darker this time! Yesterday you saw me in a Leafy skin in a pale tone so obviously it's a skin I like or else I wouldn't have worn it already. Anyway lets peep at the body.

Leafy Luna Body

My ittty bitty boobies aside the shading on the skin makes me look all fit and healthy without the OMG I am a muscle bound she hulk! It works well when you like to look sweet and adorable 99% of the time. I admit most of the time my body is covered up so lets peek at the face shall we?

Leafy Luna Skin in toffee

For those of you who like to add different tattoo layer makeups I am showing off the pure skin with freckles and 'regular" eyebrows. However if you prefer a skin with thicker brows, maybe some eyeshadow already on there and then your choice of tattoo layer lips have a look at this.
Leafy Luna Skin in toffee

Here is have pairs the Dusk makeup skin with the vamp lipstick and went with the thick brow option. In case you were wondering the skin options are dark brows, dark brows with freckles, light brows, light brows with freckles, thick dark brows, thick dark brows with freckles and thick...well you can see how this ends right? Now instead of over running the feeds with pictures I am going to post little thumbnails of the makeups and tattoo layer lipsticks for your perusal.
Leafy Luna - the makeupsLeafy Luna LipsMore Leafy Luna LipsLeafy Lips- the darks

Click on the little thumbnails to see the bigger picture and to find out what you are actually looking at, you know lipstick shade, makeup that sort of thing.

Skins and lipsticks: *L* Luna Toffee
Bikini: :::Sn@tch Belize Bikini(Baby Blue):::
Hair: [e] Comfort - Brown 11
Eyes: Shine Garden City Stormy
Poses: {TERHO}

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