Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunny Days

Sunny Days II

I was all set to do a post in the outfit I am wearing till a certain Faery started teasing us with pictures of a hat she was making. I took one look at it and knew it was just what it needed. It's actually part of the hunt that is going on at Oh My Stars and will only set you back 10 measly Linden for a hat with 5 poses and no need to plop on a different hat for the poses! Here take a look at another pose
Sunny Days IV

Sadly my brain has gone into long weekend mode which means I am just barely a functioning human. There may be more pictures of the poses the hat has on flickr...just maybe if you are curious enough to see. See how the dress and hair work so well with the hat to just make a cute little girlish look. I mean sure you could go for a stylish posh lady look, but I like looking cute. *music starts playing* Oh looks like I have ran long and they are giving me the boot. In that case here are the credits.

Hat: :+:SS:+: at Oh My Stars Spring Days Straw Hat
Dress: ::{u.f.o}:: we love lace - NUDE
Shoes: (TokiD) le ballerina opaque – tan special edition (not in store anymore but there are others)
Hair: W&Y Hair New 28
Skin: *L* -Luna- Milk- Pure
Lipstick (tattoo layer): -Glam Affair- Layla Lipstick – warm shine
Eyes: Shine Monet Atlantis

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Faery Sola said...

HOORAY!!!! You look adorable! :D