Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{TERHO} Humpday Stuffs

Since Sakura doesn't have her store blog set up for us to do this on I am doing it on our blog today. Don't worry soon there will be an whole different blog for this I promise. Anyway Sakura is busy getting things ready for an event that starts Friday so I am going to blog her humpday stuff for her.
Peacocked varient?

Here is a pretty picture with the ring and poses she has out today. Just wait and I will show you a closer look at the ring and poses.

This is the peaCOCKED ring and no it doesn't have to look like it does in my picture. In fact you can make it look however you want. The gems on the tail are changeable as well as the feather colors and body of the peacock! I just happen to like the silver and blue combo, but you can do whatever.
Varient poses

These are the Varient poses. The if you look carefully you will see that while the arms are in the same position the head and feet/legs are not. As with all the new poses Sakura has made the set comes with mirrored versions of all the poses shown. Oh and as a special bonus today The Jeweler set is on sale for half price, so got get the savings before all these things go up in price. Sakura has kitties to feed after all.

Poses: {Terho} The Varient
Ring: {Terho} peaCOCKED Ring

Jeans: Grixdale - Lazy Sunday Jeans - Dark Sky
White tank: JANE.intrinsic.tank.wh milk [hi]
Lace tank: Nomine Jerusalem Lace Babydoll - blue
Hair: [e] Melody - Brown 05
Skin: ::DT:: ::sTeRRe:: CARAMEL
Eyes: Shine Monet Antique

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