Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nymph...oh wait not the dirty kind

Seductive Nymph

What is it about sea nymphs and mermaids that make them so seductive and sexy? It has to be the scales right or maybe being perpetually wet. I am sorry that was filthy of me. This Nymph set is from Evie's Closet as you can get it at the Fantasy Faire. My inner child is loving the Fantasy Faire, I don't think I have ever out grown playing dress up. It's a lot easier to play dress up than to role play for me, my attention span isn't that long. Anyway the set is goregous and you can even have a jewel for your forehead see.....

Seductive Nymph- the head jewel

Oh I would be remiss in my blogger duties if I forgot to point out that my poses are from Terho, the new name for Lazy Places. Sakura released a ton of new poses for the fair that you should check out!

Outfit: *EC at Fantasy Fair Lumina Nymph
Skin: ::DT:: ::Yri:: V2 CARAMEL -
Eyes: Shine Garden City Stormy
Hair: Exile Hayley/dusk
Poses: {TERHO} at the pose fairThe Fluffy and The Fluffy with long hair

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