Sunday, October 10, 2010

My second jewelry fair post of the year

I will say right now that I am sorry if my posts seem a bit rushed lately. See I am trying to squeeze in my blog post while getting ready to move in real life. If only it were as simple as it is in SL. Oh well today I am going to show you my favorite Lolapop! goodie and leave you with little thumbnails like yesterday. It seemed to work out well.

Lolapop jewelry fair

Lola actually named this set Forbidden Fruit, but I like to call it the Bapple set. See bat + apple = Bapple. Yes I realize I am epically cheesy but you wouldn't be here reading if you didn't like my brand of fromage.

Lolapop jewelry fairLolapop jewelry fair

Lolapop! at the Jewelry Fair

skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 2} [Eve] OO
eyes: Shine Monet Confetti
hair: [ploom] dusty beehive
poses: [LAP] poses

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