Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My mind is running wild

Halloween means dressing up, which isn't really different then a normal day in SL for some. I decided to seek out the help of a friend so I could let my imagination run wild while dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood. The pictures tell and abridged version of what I think really went on with Red and the Wolf in the woods.
Red Riding hood- meeting in the woods

First they meet up in the woods for their illicit affair

Red Riding Hood - together

They get down to business

Red Riding Hood- Afterwards

A little post romp cuddle and Red was off to Grandma's leaving the poor Wolf feeling used, hence the whole eating of Granny thing. Lesson here kids is never wham bam thank you ma'am a big bad wolf.

Red Riding Hood

Skin: [PF] Ember - New Blood (redbrow)
Outfit: * Deviance * - Red Riding Hood
Boots: Adam n Eve - Booty Bay Red
Hair: Maitreya Green II - Henna
Eyes: Shine Monet Tranquility
Poses: Glitterati- various couples poses

Big Bad Wolf
Skin-Ephebe in Natural by Mascarade
Ears: Cat person ears (notched) by Mutation Industries
Eyes: Shine Monet in Fern and Tranquility (heterochromia effect via the prim eye option)
Boots: Military Boots in Used black by Hoorenbeek
Gloves: Elegance for him by Ideal Illusion
Hair: Sadie in raven by Gauze
Jacket: Brood Jacket by Refuge
Pants: Leather pants (womens >.>) by by Grasp
Harness: Box Harness by Straps
Eyeshadow: make-up Layer 04 by Glam Affair (for the dressing room)
Scar: Glaurung by Adrenaline Rush

*PS Thanks Hide for being my big bad wolf and putting up with me *

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