Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meow? No, Miao!

=^^= MIAO Ariella's Heart necklace and earrings

It's Miao day here on the blog! No I am not talking about kitties, I am talking about Miao the shop. See the Great and Powerful Kess (she is the wizard after all) has rebanded as Miao and has some great offerings at the Jewelry Fair. Above is the Ariella's Heart necklace and earrings (sold separately). As you would expect from Kess at this point all the bits are texture change, as are the other pieces she has at the fair. I would figure out how many combinations there are, but that requires math and well, no , just no. Right then pretty stuff go buy Kess is a wizard.

=^^= MIAO Isabeau Necklace and earrings, Madeline Pearl Ribbon Necklace andearrings, Magenta Believes in Fairies Necklace, Kate Ribbon and Pearl Bracelet,

Miao at the Jewelry Fair
Skin: *L* Miso -Natural-
Top: !Ohmai : Dorothy Corsetted VINTAGEIRIS (Older DU item)
Hair: *Rezlpsa Loc* ~ Mary ~ 11pm
Eyes: Shine Monet Confetti
Nails: [PM] Sculpted Nail V2 - Platinum Edition V2
Poses: Glitterati poses

*this blog not paid for or approved of by Kess at all!*
** this post brought to you b y the letter "C" for caffeine....yippee! **

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Kesseret Steeplechase said...

lol I love the post and the picture! C is for caffeine MY FAVORITE LETTER!

<3 purrs and meows,

(Wizard of ?? poo?)