Sunday, October 3, 2010

It always seems better on the other side

It seems that when we are young we want to be older, but as we age we long for those carefree days of our youth.
reflection - longing for youth

reflection- craving adulthood

I think every once in a while items get released together and they seem to inspire something in me. As you can tell these two items from the newest release some sort of internal struggle with wanting to be "mature" but still retain some of that youthful vitality or something. I think I was just a little too deep for my own good so lets look at each of these awesome outfits alone.

Sn@tch newness - Yes, Miss Stern

Sexy and sophisticated

Sn@tch newness- Wannabe Gwen

Sexy and youthful, Sn@tch sexy at any age :D

Older look
clothes: :::Sn@tch Yes, Miss Stern
skin: L.Fauna{Lola . Pale 2} [Equinox]
shoes: SLink Aveela Stiletto
eyes: Shine Monet Confetti
hair: [ploom] Farrah – Sahara
poses: Lazy Places

Younger look:
clothes: :::Sn@tch Wanna be Gwen
skin: [PF] Ember - Royal (redbrow)
shoes: Lazy Places Stappen Boots Black (left)
eyes: Shine Monet Confetti
hair: [ploom] Nix - Mocha
poses: Lazy Places
mirror pose: Pulling Strings Take a Look

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