Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wear Grey Post 2

As promised my second post featuring items from Wear Grey for a Day.
Wear Grey

This is the collaboration between Dreams and Sn@tch and in it you get the dress, socks and skin. I am all for things with rainbows....even muted ones. I had this overwhelming need to wear my fangs when wearing this skin. I think the essence of Ivey is leaking through or maybe I just like my fangs?

The bag is from Lazy Places and there are cute little charms and bits on it...
Wear Grey booty shot!

See? And yes that is just a little of my ass you see there. *gives it a little wiggle*

Dress and Skin: Dreams & Snatch Dress/Skin for Wear Grey
Bag: [LP] Koerier Tas For Wear Grey (Grape)
Shoes: [LP] Zeis – Ohhhh Shiny!
Fangs: Schadenfreude Fangs 1: Shorter & Wider
Hair: [ploom] Nix- Toffee
eyes: Shine Monet Confetti

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