Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not another hair fair post!

Yes yes it is, but it is my first of this hair fair so really it's all good right? Anyway my first hair fair blog is gonna be about the new hairs from Katat0nik. You are going to see them all because I can't pick a favorite...sorry.
*katat0nik* Sweetish Hair

This is Sweetish, which for some reason I always make is sounds like Swedish in my head. Either way I don't think there is a need for the "ish" at the end because this hair is sweet.

*katat0nik* Scout Hair

This hair makes me want Kat to make girl scout uniforms! Also I believe this is what Strawberry Shortcake would look like if she were a Berry Scout (Stawberry Shortcake world girl scout). I think I watch too many Saturday morning cartoons.

*katat0nik* LaLa Hair

*katat0nik* Kandie Hair

LaLa and Kandie are like the twins of the hair fair, only they want to be a littlle different so LaLa likes long loose hair while Kandie prefers a more tame, polished look

*katat0nik* Bobbie Hair

Bobbie is well a bob with a cute ribbon, which would look great with any of the outfits Kat sells. And speaking of outfits, Kat has a bright blue version of her confetti dress at the hair for as a dollarbie!

Hair: *katat0nik* Bobbie Hair, Kandie Hair, LaLa Hair, Scout Hair, Sweetish Hair
Dress: *katat0nik* (brt blue) Confetti Dress (Hair Fair dollerbie!)
Skin: [PF] Ember - Pinky with face stickers
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Ice (large)
Poses: Lazy Places For the Girls/Girls Girls Girls pose sets

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