Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's hot today.... I don't feel like wearing any clothes. No no that does not mean this is going to be a nude post, just and one in my undies.
Boobie shot, cause everyone loves boobs

I had originally planned on blogging this last week to go with the latex and leather looks, but I got distracted (okay I was being lazy). So here it is today. It is all paisley and ruffled and girly and I wouldn't want it any other way! Though you could wear it another way if you wanted to since it comes with long ruffles too.

Booty shot

I like the back of this set because it is different, it doesn't have the typical bra back that you would expect to find. It's like a little surprise and really who doesn't like surprises. Well maybe the person trying to get you out of your underthings may not like the surprise, but hey if they want the goodies they should be willing to work a little for them.

So much work
I think I am going to go have a rest now. I think I have earned it.

Underwear: *Solange!* Amore Paisley Lingerie - MOSS
Hair: Exile Leslie/cinnamon
Skin: [PF] Ember -Pure
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Ice (large)
Poses: Lazy Places Pant Raid Poses (no longer available)

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