Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Better late then never!

I said weeks ago that I want going to do a post about the new eyes from Shine, well here it is! I have to warn that my postings will be erratic for the next few weeks because of RL stuff, but this is about the eyes.

Shine Monet Eyes

Shine Monet Eyes

Yes I am aware that I have shown you the truffle color twoce, but I really needed the pictures to be even, I am anal about that. Anyway there are ten colors for sale now with the Iris one being an in store freebie. The great thing about these eyes, aside from being pretty is that they come with a prim version as well as the normal kind. It's great because that means you can use these eyes for pictures with shadows , well the prim part at least. Or if you are like my absentee blogging partner (yes I am giving her public grief) you can have each eye a different color.

Eyes: Shine Monet

Lashes: Exile Lashes: Tokyo
Skin: [PF] Ember - Gossip
Hair: fri. - Scarlett - Jealous Red

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