Thursday, August 26, 2010

No sugar and spice today

Not the usual sweetness

I am thinking this is a little more like "I will fuck you up if you look at me the wrong way". Not you average everyday Phire huh? I will admit that when I bought this I was slightly intoxicated. What can I say I am easily influenced while under the influence. I blame Sakura. In all honesty though it is sexy and there are so many different options when it comes to wearing this leathery goodness. I of course am wearing as little as possible because, okay I have no good reason.

bad ass bitch

I went with this skin from Dutch Touch because I think it gave me a hard, less cutesy look. And of course the lip rings just add to the badassness of the look, at least in my head it does. Hmm latex Tuesday and leather today, maybe my inner fetishist is showing this week.

Outfit: G128 Menace
hair: Shag Hair Length of Love -onyx
Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: ::IsiS:: Caramel - LinerRed CL1 EBBlack (VIP only skin)
Boots: Schadenfreude Noir Riga Kicks
Piercings: G.G Addicted Piercing L704 black
Collar: Lolapop! Laced Rose Posture Collar
Lashes: INSOLENCE Lulu medium eyelashes
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Ice (large)
Poses: [LAP]

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