Monday, July 12, 2010

Some Mania for your Monday


In the picture are the three things that I picked to talk about today. Yes I know it's a little different then what I have done before but hey I need to change it up every once in a while. First we will talk about the art. It's a cute little fairy waving. She has such a cute mischievous little face, it almost reminds me of my little fairy lover. Now onto the leather bracelets, hey these are unisex! No no not you n' I sex, unisex as in both the ladies and the fellas could wear these. One can never have enough well textured leather bracelets.


Last but certainly not least is this cute dress. As you can see in the pictures there are little bows on each side and one on the chest. In the middle I took off the skirt and bows and thought about heading to the beach or maybe trying to seduce someone.....or better yet seduce someone on the beach! Oh and those wedges, yeah they are included!

Dress: **BE** Seraphena -comes with shoes
Bracelets: [hate this] leather bracelets -black
art: The Lotus waving fairy 1 with water

Hair: Exile Maren/browsugar
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Grass (large)
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Kalista K natural/BRNbrows/CLV
Lashes: KOSH– No Alpha Lashes V8
Poses: Lazy PlacesGirls, Girls, Girls and For the Girls -various poses

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