Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pink Fuel at Harajuku Box!

Pink Fuel at Hbox

Cute skins with star stickers for the cheeks, does it get any better then that? Well there are hearts too, but by now everyone should know my obsession with stars. Check out those lush lashes, those are not prim lashes baby!
Pink Fuel at Hbox

Here are the details, these are the four himegyaru inspired makeups and each one comes with 12! sticker options as well as light and dark brows. There is also a ganguro inspired makeup. I won't show you the body because it is very much like the original Ember body, which means if you already have the cleavage from the Ember line it will work with these. Yes I checked, what can I say sometimes the girls like to be front and center.

Pink Fuel at Hbox
Skins: [PF] Ember GYARU SKINS Nudey, Sea, Violet and Pinky

undies: [W&B] Frilly Little Knickers FLORAL
hair: Exile Molly/candy
eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Grass (large)
poses: {.:exposeur:.} The Hottie Series

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Mochi Milena said...

Thanks for blogging the Gyaru skins! I really appreciate it :D