Thursday, July 1, 2010

Operation Squeegee- No longer a tease

It's officially open! It's time to for you to do your part to help the poor animals. I am going to dive right in and start with this shirt from 5th & Oxford because the quote on the back of the shirt is just so wonderfully fitting.
Operation Squeegee Part 2-1

I know the quote is hard to see in the picture so I will write it here for you..
"When man has pity on all living creatures then only is he noble" -Buddha
A very fitting quote given what we are raising money for. The shirt comes in other colors, but the white on black gave me a great backdrop for the necklace. It too is available at the Operation Squeegee HQ from Miao (KessKreations for those who didn't know). It is an open locket that you can put your own pictures in, and of course has all the metal and gemstone changes that one is used to. Oh and the poses used in these pictures are one of the offerings from dollipops. They are wicked cute and I will be using them in other posts coming up so you can see most of the set.

Operation Squeegee Part 2-2

If you have done the Good Shit Hunt then you may have seen the first version of this top, however the ribbon has been reworked and now there are many colors, but you can only get it at the Operation Squeegee HQ. I of course am wearing the yellow along with the studded cuff from Lolapop which is exclusive to Operation Squeegee. There is more to do then just shop though. There are events going on during the event so get check out the Operation Squeegee website for the event listings.

Photo One
Operation Squeegee HQ
(5th&Oxford) Sandpiper T - *white*
*Miao* Cadence Open Face Locket
{ dollipops } * fresh poses minipack.

[PF]Ember - Cherry (redbrow)
Shine Silent Lucidity Sky (large)
Exile Grace/auburn
5th & OxfordSeaside Sweetie Shorts - black
ETD Shoes: Demi Trainers (White)

Photo Two
Operation Squeegee HQ
*Miao* Katerina Tank – yellow
Lolapop! Protection Studded Bracelet

[PF] Ember - Taxi (ltbrow)
Shine Silent Lucidity Sky (large)
ETD Shoes: Demi Trainers (White)
Exile Tash/Cinnamon
5th & OxfordSeaside Sweetie Shorts - black
*items in RED are at Operation Squeegee only*

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Kesseret Steeplechase said...

I am sorry it took so long to say thank you for advertising Operation Squeegee and the items you can get there.

That shirt with the quote... awesome.