Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I think there are enough O's in the title to get my point across. For the longest time my blogging partner(or lazy butt) has been trying to get me into a furry AV. I mean she does have a good track record, she got me to go neko and elf for a while, but I held my ground on the furry. Till now that is, but of course I wanted to be different I had to be cute, but different. With the help of a friend or two I found the cow.
Cow says Moooooooo

I am probably strange wanting to be a cow and possibly warped because I am dressed in leather. I think it is hilarious to be a cow dressed in leather though so as long as I am amused that is all that matters right? Well my leather pants and halter are both from Sn@tch. I chose the green halter because it pairs so nicely with my necklace.
Green eyed goddess?

Technically it is a men's necklace, but since it is mod and I do have a bigger neck now it worked out great. The beads that are green are color change, I think I am technically on the rust setting in that picture, but there is a green without the rust flecks and a brown. Oh and yes I gave myself a rack with a cleavage enhancer, cause well I like having boobies.

Cow AV: DERP. Bovine [Guernsey Brown]
Halter: :::Sn@tch Girl Band Leather Halters::: - green
Pants: :::Sn@tch Wicked Winter Leather:::- black
Cleavage [Ayumi] Cleavage - Type3 - GREYSCALE
Hair: Clawtooth Good Evening - Break of dawn (tinted darker)
Necklace: Shine Vis necklace
Poses: Lazy Places Fluff n' Stuff


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