Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I promised not to mention Disney in this post :D

polka dot paint job

The ProPoser hunt starts soon (tomorrow I think) and I was lucky enough to get a little sneak peek at the prize from :+: Studio Sidhe :+:. I am a sucker for prose props, and one with a cute faery theme makes it even better. How cute is this?

I don't paint fast enough

I don't know, I think the lady bug looks kinda mad at me because the paint job is taking too long. Or maybe it is because it is a boy lady bug and he doesn't like everyone thinking he is a girl? Or maybe the painting is like a massage and it is putting him/her to sleep. Sorry my train of though totally got derailed there for a second. Oh so when you click on it you are given a paintbrush and paint. I love how the paint is in a little leaf. So adorably fitting for a faery don't you think?

The details of the pictures
ProPoser Hunt Prize: :+:SS:+: Lady Bug Painting

Outfit: Forest Feast at gacha festival Dansons une fleur valse_mango Yellow
Wings: Material Squirrel Elyvia Pixie Wings
Hair: Exile Aphrodite/cheyanne
Skin: *Cupcakes – Fantasy- Bronze- Lunar(freck)
Ears: SLink Eleven Ears Foxy Hoops
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Sky (large)

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Faery Sola said...

lol! sooooooo cheeky! :D Lovely post and pics, thank you Phire :)

Also, you make such a cute fae! I'm so tp'ing back to the gatcha festival now... how did I miss those outfits???