Saturday, July 24, 2010

A day in the life of the Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen leads as busy life as sadly there is no Dairy King in her kingdom so all the work falls upon her capable shoulders. She starts each day, weather allowing of course, with a stroll through her garden.
Dairy Queen wanders the gardens

Next up in her busy day is walking through the halls of the palace making sure everything is polished and looking like a million bucks. She also plays coy with the her favorite knight. Hey even a Queen has needs.
Dairy Queen plays coy

Throughout the day she meets with her loyal subjects, which she treats with kindness, doing all she can to make their lives better.
Dairy Queen meets with subjects

Sometimes she sits upon her throne as she meets with visiting dignitaries, basking in the light from the windows above.
Dairy Queen on the throne

She ends her days staring out over the sea letting the waves wash away her woes before she retires to her chamber for the night.
End of a long day

Cow AV: DERP. Bovine [Guernsey Brown]
Dress: ~~Ivalde~~ Elaine red goth gown
Headband crown and bracelet: {Violet Voltaire} Pin Cushion Queen Collection
Hair: Exile Holly/brownsugar
Necklace: *KessKreations* Shelly Necklace
Poses: *Luth* and [POSER ALERT]

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Nikkita Auerbauch said...

Hahahaha! "Dairy Queen!" *snort* hahahaha! Great post!