Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yellow striped not bikini

Okay so it doesn't sound as good as "yellow polka dot bikini", but it looks a whole lot cuter. This bathing suit is the new Vintage Swimmer's Suit from Scribble, and before I even had a chance to go get it in yellow my bestie had dropped it on me. She knows me all too well. There are ribbons on each side and on the chest of the bathing suit that come as one attachment or as individual ones. How awesome is that? It comes in a bunch of other colors too, but since yellow is my favorite that is all you get to see, sorry.

Vintage bathing beauty 2

I chose to wear the new Leslie hair from Exile in these photos because it just gave the pictures this great feeling of movement. I got the poses I am using at Glitterati, which happens to be having a rocking sale right now that you should check out!

[PF] Ember - Taxi (dkbrow)
Shine Silent Lucidity Slate (large)
~Scribble~ Vintage Swimmer's Suit/Gold
Exile Leslie/cinnamon
Glitterati - Pin up

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