Thursday, June 24, 2010

The things I will for a pair of boots

I will not deny it, I have an addiction to boots in SL. I have since the day I started. I see boots and I must have them.
If you didn't already know

I will bend over backwards for boots.
I have a thing for boots

I will even get into awkward positions for boots. See I was so excited that I didn't even realize I cut off the foot on the other boot! I have to thank Glamouramama, who's name is way to long for my lazy ass, for making these fun poses. I had to use them in the blog because the pictures I took with them the other day were erm yeah....

Skin: [PF] Ember - Pure (redbrow/freck)
Boobs: [PF] Ember - Cleavage Enhancer
Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes - Feather
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Aurora (large)
Lingerie: Goth1c0 Dark Wishes corset dress in black
Boots!: Adam n Eve Boots Booty
Hair: [Shag] - Nymph - dark copper
Poses: {Just a Pose} various

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