Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Sexiness

The other day a certain friend of mine was begging for another lingerie post from me. She seems to be the only person who wants to see me in my undies but that is okay I don't mind. She is in luck as I now have a new set of lingerie from Goth1c0.
Sticky & Sweet

(click for a larger view it is worth it)

As you can see from the pictures there are a quite a few different ways this set can be worn. Of course you can wear it like that around the grid if you are brave. I however am an admitted coward and when I needed to run out for a quick sec I decided to toss on a top over the bra.
Sticky & Sweet- more conservative look

I was able to achieve the darker look in the skirt by wearing the pants layer as well. How I felt a little less exposed and was able to do my running around. This set also comes with stockings, but I didn't wear them because something about stocking sticking up above boots bothers me. I don't know I am strange like that.

Lingerie: Goth1c0:Sticky & Sweet
Top: /artilleri/ Abby top *red*
Boots: [GOS] BURLESQUE -Model V1.0
Skin: L.Fauna{Lapine.Pale2}[Opium]
Hair: Exile Angelica/dusk
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Violet (large)
Poses: Striking Poses -various sets

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