Friday, May 28, 2010

A night out on the town

glamour girl

There is nothing better for a night out on the town then a sexy little dress and some killer heels. Granted I may only get to dress like that in SL (babysitters are not cheap!) but it's just as fun, and less work.

glamour girl

This sexy little number is the newest release from Pixel Mode as are my fabulous nails. Even though I don't wear them in my posts that often I have a serious prim nail addiction. Maybe it is because I love having long painted nails in RL. The nails have glitter polish on them and come with a HUD so you can change the colors, or go for a simple glitter free french manicure. Seriously though were is the fun in plain? Oh and it comes with so mant gloves to match many skins and a tintable pair to match up to your favorite. It was a piece of cake to match it to my skin.


The dress is available with three different top styles, the animal print (shown in snow leopard), satin (in gold) and leather(in black). To be fair to all of you who like things on all layers I should tell you that this dress only comes with the pant and jacket layers and of course the skirt prim, but seriously that shouldn't stop you for getting it.

Dresses: [PM] Pixel Mode: Chapman:Black Leather, Gold Satin, Snow Leopard
Shoes: SLink Mikaela Shoes Black
Necklace: Miriel Fleur Jewelry Antique Gold/Ruby
Hair: Exile Maris/fall
Skin: *L* Miso Lumiel(Sugar)
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Slate (large)
Lashes: Miriel lashes-natural
Nails: [PM] Sculpted Nails V2- Platinum Edition V2: Glitter
Poses: [LAP] various poses
Pictures taken in : ~La Petite Morte~ City Loft Skybox

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