Friday, May 28, 2010

Miko, Miku, Aishiteru

Oh hi there, it's been a while, anyone miss me? *watches tumbleweeds roll by and waves at them* Anyways I want to give a huge thanks to Phire for keeping the blog going and being awesome in general while I was dealing with stuff and being super lazy. >.>

Onto the outfit! I wandered(aka avoided real work) today into Sadistic Hacker to check out the Miko hair I was informed I needed to get. The Miko hair is an adorable flowy long pigtail style of super cute anime-ish adorableness. I am on the short side, but for me the hair comes down to mid-thigh. The flexi on it is perfect and makes me want to run out and buy an ao that makes me constantly twirl around! The hair also comes with a version without the squares around the pigtails, I am not sure if this is just the blue version or if they all include the squares.

Right next to the Miko hair is the Miku outfit by ::NiCo:: The outfit comes with shirt, skirt, arm warmers, boots, headphones and nail polish. Lots of prim parts on the outfit so you may need to either adjust your body or the prims, I went with body because as I mentioned before I'm lazy.

Both items are fantastic cosplay of the character Hatsune Miku (go google if you aren't sure what I'm talking about :P)

There are more outfits and hair available at Sadistic Hacker go check them out!

Credits (sorry about all the random ramblings, it's been a while)

HAIR: *SH* Miko Hair(Miko_blue)(+Option)

OUTFIT: ::NiCo:: Miku Outfit (available at Sadistic Hacker)
Includes shirt, skirt, arm warmers, nail polish, boots, headphones

SKIN: [PF] Skye Scene (dkbrow/freck)

EYES: Poetic Colors Quicksilver medium

POSES:Lazy Places

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