Saturday, May 8, 2010

Killing two birds with one post

Faun with tattoos

Earlier this week Sakura was looking at the list of search words and phrases that bring people to our blog. Needless to say a whole bunch involved boobs, but another one that caught my attention was "Sexy Faun". So in an effort not to disappoint those searchers I present you with this (this is stone one).

Fair warning there are about to be bare naked boobies so if you are at work scroll past fast unless you want to look like a pixel perv.

Faun with tattoos 1

Faun with tattoos 2

Now on to bird number two the tattoos. They are the new Mythic underbust and Femininity upper body tattoos from Lolapop. In fact there are a whole bunch of new tattoos that Lola has been working on based on song lyrics from a few of her favorite bands and even some gacha machine tattoos. She couldn't have timed the release of these better for my own selfish purposes. Oh yeah there is a part of the underbust tattoo that is actually tintable so you can go bold if you choose!

Oh hey look credits
Tattoos: Lolapop! Femininity Upper Body Tattoo and Mythic Underbust Tattoo
Ears: SLink Elven Ears Foxy Hoops
Faun bits including horns: Titania's Court F_Faun_Autumn_Yellow
Skin: *L* Miso Lumiel_Moss-DB
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Grass (large)
Hair: Exile Angelica/earth
Poses: flowey. poses&stuffs -various poses from

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