Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Princess Eileen

Every year around St. Patrick's Day I grab my copy of Irish fairy tales and start reading them. See growing up St. Patrick's Day was a big deal, I swear if my Dad could he would have taken it off like one gets Memorial Day off. Anyway back to the fairy tale. I decided to style my look based on the picture in my head of Princess Eileen from the fairy tale The White Cat. See Princess Eileen was taken away from her father by a giant and kept locked away till the day she was forced to marry the Giant.
Princess Eileen

But then a little white cat visits her, followed by a prince and she must wait for the prince to return to save her.
Princess Eileen
Finally after some troubles of his own the prince returns, kills the giant and his hounds and they live happily ever after. Okay so that was the heavily edited version of the story, but hey there is only some much you want to read.

Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Grass (large)
Skin: *L* Miso Lumiel _Sugar-FR
Gown: ~~Ivalde~~ Eileen palegreen dress
Hair: Exile Emmanuelle/fall
Earrings: (Miriel) Fleur Earring - Silver/Peridot
Necklace: (Miriel) Fleur Necklace - Silver/Peridot
Tears: Cutie Honey Tears
Poses: Various from Lazy Places and *Luth*

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