Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look of a few days

That's right I am sharing another look that I have thrown together. In fact I may be sharing a few looks of the day since it seems all I have time to do lately. Darn RL demanding I attend to it.

Anyway the look that is what I am here to talk about. It all started with the vest which was a Fifty Linden Friday item from around Valentine's Day I believe. Once I decided on a pair of pants the rest was easy. Hey it's not easy when you have a ton of pants in your inventory. And yes I do need all those blue jeans! The flats are my go to flats from Miel, they are cute and have little color change bits all over which makes them quite versatile. Look I actually wore jewelry, I am getting better at accessorising no?


I picked the hair and skin to keep this sweet and cute, no unlike me if I do say so myself.

Here is the credits (please don't hate me for all the stuff you can't get)
Ears: SLink Elven Ears Foxy Hoops
Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Mardi Gras (large)
Pants: (CS) Cords - Brown
shirt: []::Tuli::[] Wide sleeve shirt [white] exclusive VIP group gift no longer availible
Skin: *L* Miso Lumiel _Sugar-FR
Vest: Schadenfreude Cerise Deep V Vest (50L Friday special..sorry)
Bangles: alaMood d'Jango Silver - Stacked (R)
Ring: Shine Ruby Catherine ring (left)
Necklace: Shine Survivor (chest) - mod/copy
Hair: Exile Molly/cinnamon
Poses: Lazy Places Girls Girls Girls and For the Girls poses (unreleased- again I am sorry I know I suck)

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