Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Festival of Sleep

I am so late to the party with this post, but fear not, you still have time to get the goodies featured. The festival of Sleep started the 9th and ends the 31st. There are some many cute sleep related things to snatch up. This cute blanket comes with a pose ball and stuff to read under the blanket. I know I did this when I was a kid and bet you did too.

Another set available has all you need for a great slumber party, snacks, pizza,soda and of course scary movies on TV. There are also poseballs included with the slumber party set but since it was just me I left them out. The pillow I am laying on is sold separately and come with a built in pose and is texture change...sweet I know.

What sleep over would be complete with out jammies? I picked the pink and yellow ones because well yellow is my favorite color. You get both the regular and faded versions in both the footie and not footie styles!

And to ensure a good nights sleep I have on my adorable sleep mask. I have on in real life, not as cute though. I couldn't resist the hair either, though I can't imagine it is all the comfortable sleeping with all those clips in place, but I guess that isn't a problem in SL.

Festival of Sleep items available here
pillow, blanket, foodstuffs and TV: RC Cluster
pajamas: Reek Yellow/Pink dino jammies -GIIRLS
Sleep mask : DUBOO* Sleep Mask [basic]
hair: Tiny Bird New Soul I – Cinnamon

Other Items
skin: [PF] Skye - Beestung (dkbrow/freck)
eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity (Aurora)
Ears: [Plastik] ElfEars- Burdy with gems
poses: [LAP] Wondergirls sets 1 &2

*disclaimer: I am sorry this post is a bit jumbled and what nots but I have to get back to making cookies and didn't want you to miss out. Some of the items featured will disappear at midnight on the 31st!


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Zenartist said...

GReat work! I would love to use one of your images for a panty tag. Is this possible? Of course I would include your name and BLOG on the TAG! I live in Colombia. Please let me know if you loke the idea.

Paul Quintero (Zen Artist)