Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chromatic Future

Warning lots of photos, a video, and blatant love of a content creator ahead!

Several times before I have professed my undying love of Selos Dae's work in SL. In my eyes these are fantasy skins at their best. The newest offering from [][]Trap[][], the Chromatic skins, sets the new bar for fantasy skins in my heart.

The Chromatic series features glowing electric swirls from the head to the toes. The effect of the glow on the skins is amazing, it truly looks as if you are lit up from within. My favorite part of the designs is the lightning across the face. I'm glad to see that Selos wasn't afraid to think outside the box and was able to give us a skin to bring out the electric gods within us.

There are multiple colors to choose from in skin tones ranging from light grey to dark grey. Both can be seen here in the photos.

Paired with the Chromatic skins is the Laya hair from Exile and the Elda Wings from Lazy Places. Both of these items are featured in the 2010 The Future Is Now event going on at the Greenies Sim.

The Laya hair is a fantastic fantasy up-do style and I'm showing it here with the fiber optic attachment which has just the right amount of glow to give you that futuristic look. The Laya hair is available in over thirty colors and also includes glowing eyelashes not seen here.

The Elda wings, from Lazy Places, hold a special place in my heart since I made them along with my partner Sven Okonomi. We wanted to challenge ourselves to make something totally different from our normal items. The wings feature a pulsing glow on the wires which can be viewed in the short video above. The wings are currently only available at the Greenies sim, but will be available at our main store when the show is over.

Glowy Credits of Love:
Skins: [][]Trap[][] Chromatic
Tone 4 (darkest tone)
Gold Lightning
Purple Lightning

Tone 2 (lightest tone)
Blue Lightning
Red Lightning

Hair: Exile Laya Available at the 2010 The Future Is Now event
Shown with the Fiber Optic attachment (attaches to left ear , good info to know for anyone wearing elf or hybrid type ears)
Exile Main Store

Wings:Lazy Places Elda Wings Available at the 2010 The Future Is Now event
Lazy Places Main Store

Eyes: Negaposi Lunar Eyes

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