Friday, November 20, 2009

Werewolves are way sexier then vampires!

With New Moon being released I couldn't help but wearing my werewolf skin and getting up style! I mean werewolves are so much better then vampires, at least they can go out in the sun and not look like they rolled around in body glitter. Werewolves can look fierce and sexy all at once, seriously take a look.

For the record I am not on Team Jacob, or Team Edward for that matter. Jacob is too young and Edward well, one of my daughters Barbie dolls glitters like he did. I will be waiting in the corner for all you Twihards to come after me.

Hair *JetDoll* - Cherry Waves ~ Black
Skin FUR xx +Fallen Gods Inc. +SKIN+ RED war
Ears !* Rebel -X- *! Werewolf Ears Deco FEMALE - at +Fallen Gods Inc.
Eyes [Plastik] -OniCollection-Fractal-Tequila
Lingerie [S&S] The Trapeze Artist Body Suit - dark red
Poses Stiking Poses -various sets


Serene Fairey said...

can one be on both teams? I'm in Renesmee's corner there.

Phire Zuhra said...

Hmm both teams...does that make it Team Jacward? I may need to lay off the caffiene some :)

Winter Jefferson said...

Just let me cut and paste my usual rant.

[/rant] REAL vampires don't sparkle anyways.[/end rant]

But I'll agree that you look hot!

Sakuradawn Lei said...

*spits her tea all over her laptop*

I read that as Jack-wad. >.>

*tosses glitter around for good measure*

Alia said...

I am in the Anne Rice and traditional vampire team, I guess it's says all: Vampire don't glow, they DIE under the sun!
...and with it I leave you to My: you are damn sexy in fur *smiles