Saturday, November 7, 2009

Send me your amnesty down to the broken hearted

I am sure by now you have seen the adorable Skye skin from Pink Fuel if not :O get out from under your rock peoples! Mochi makes some of the cutest skins on the grid! Like everything Mochi makes these skins are cute X a billion. The bodies are soft and sweet and look at those bunns o.o You love it, I love it. The shading and highlights on the Skye skin are beautifully done. Once again I am drawn to the neck of the skin, possibly my favorite clavicle yet :D

The biggest draw to the Skye skin is probably the lips. Soft and cute, they beg for attention! The other draw is the makeups, I am showing seven here, however there are plenty more in awesome conbinations.

I love the bold colors Mochi chose for her eyeshadows, it works well with the soft lips. <3 Another nice thing about the Skye skins is each skin comes with ltbrow/dkbrow/freckles and hair base options. It's nice to see more skin designers giving more options in their skin packs.

Click Photos for a closer look or better yet, run to Pink Fuel to check out the demos <3

Sakura needs the sleeps but keeps on going!

Skins: Pink Fuel

[PF] Skye
Pink Pearl

Eyes: Negaposi
<<< np >>> MYSTIC EYES pbs - FLARE ( left eyeball )
<<< np >>> MYSTIC EYES pbs - GRAVE ( right eyeball )

Ears: SLink Elven Ears Frogs n Beads

Hair: Maitryea Green II White

All Poses: LAP

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