Thursday, November 5, 2009

Plastik Boi

Recently Aikea Rieko of The Plastik released the Vaelian skins for men. There are about a billion and half skintones to pick from just in the Elven line of these skins!

I can tell you from personal experience that the ladies love the lips on this skin guys. The faces are beautiful, not your usual harsh attempt at manliness, but elegant masculinity.

One thing that really caught my eye with the Vaelian is the neck. Ok I have my reasons (btw Acha is tasty) But seriously it is a beautiful neck! All the details on these skins had my jaw dropping and me scrambling to find something to mop my drool up. The back has this line going down it that makes me just want to scratch my nails....*ahem* I was doing a blog post here wasn't I? Yes >_>

My favorite thing about these skins would have to be the freckles. I am madly in love with freckles on men. There my sekrit is out. Toss on some red hair and I will follow you around and do your evil bidding no questions asked o.o; Anyways these freckles do not disappoint! These lovely freckles cover the entire body, and I do mean ENTIRE! See bum photo for reference! *gives you all a moment to perv on the bum phot*

Now while we are on the subject of the bum, look at it! >_< How could you not want to stare at that all day? I do...I might have... >_>; The Angel tone for the Elven skins is my favorite out of all the skins because 1. It shows off the freckles beautifully and 2. It has a cute blush across the cheeks of the face and the cheeks of the bum *squees*

The bodies of these skins are once again an example of elegant masculinity. It's toned without the "look at me I've got a six-pack I'm so freakin' hot I can't even touch myself" look you tend to see on guys. If that's your thing, good for you, not my thing. My thing is freckled and smexy and looks just like that light blue elf you see in the bright pink boxer briefs :D

The Elven tones of the Vaelian skins come with two styles of ears already set to match the tones so you don't have to worry about not matching the incredible skintones available. Go check out demos, perv on yourself and buy, buy, buy! Oh and btw ladies there are also female versions of these skins that were released a while ago <3

Want more hot elf action? Winter Jefferson did a more in-depth less perving review of these skins on his blog In Cold Blood.
Acha also did a quick post on her blog

I would also like to highly recommend you go out and purchase the Green II hair from Maitreya as it compliments these skins very well. Yes boys, I know it's a girl hair, resize loves, resize.

All Skins: The Plastik
Elven skins:

Vaelian skins:
[Plastik]-Vaelian-Cinder-El Estrago

Eyes: [Plastik] BlackLikeMySoul

Maitreya Green II - Silver

Shape: ~Hourglass~ Dernier Cri (Cole) Male Shape

Emery - Boxer Spring #Fucsia

Pose: [LP] Invite Unisex 3 (one of the gifts for the Invite only hunt from Lazy Places)

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