Monday, November 2, 2009

Death to the ones at the end of the serenade

Aikea Rieko has done it again and released another item that has me at her feet professing my undying love to her.

The Bordello dresses have got to be her best work yet. Thirteen versions of this gorgeous slip dress are now available at The Plastik. They are available on all layer which is a huge plus and that lovely leg lace is included :D

I'll be perfectly honest with you, up until now I wasn't really much of a dress girl. Sure I wear one on occasion to look cute but never something like this. But after seeing the Bordello dresses I had to give it a try and now you couldn't force me out of this dress if you tried!

The amount of detail put into these dresses is incredible. There are several patterns and colors to choose from to fit any one's style. The lace detailing across the chest is beautiful and the wrinkle details are perfect. My photos seriously don't do justice to the work here. Another thing I want to point out that is one of the main reasons I usually don't wear dresses like this but am so madly in love with this one. The prim between the legs. Now ladies, I know you have all seen how badly those things can match and it makes us sad and not wear these short dresses. Do NOT fear my lovelies! Look at the photos, the prim matches so well it's hard to even tell it's there! It's magic I tell you!

I'll leave you all with the gratuitous boob shot/close up of the detailing of the lace on the dress <3

Oh and bonus points if you can figure out what song the post title is from. I <3 it and to amuse myself I'll probably be naming my posts after lines from the songs I'm listening to at the time, haha already did it twice before >:O

Dresses: The Plastik Bordello

Skin: [Plastik]-Bael-Elven-Glow-Scales + Animalistic Elven Ears Glow

Piercing: .:ellabella:. Life's a Circus

Boots: SiniStyle Deception Boots

Hair: >TRUTH< Amber - sangria

Eyes: Negaposi
<<< np >>> MYSTIC EYES pbs - FLARE ( left eyeball )
<<< np >>> MYSTIC EYES pbs - GRAVE ( right eyeball )

Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Arcran said...

The song is from Peacemaker by Green Day. That's the only reason I found this :)