Friday, November 13, 2009

Boobs, Bewbs, Jugs, Tatas, The Girls, The Twins, Mellons, Mountains, ETC!

Once again I find myself telling you about my boobs. Call me a whore, as some of you have, but these boobs are spectacular. I am of course referring to the prim chest attachment on the new Tomboy shirts from The Plastic.

Aikea is a master at making the prim boobs look natural. The whole point of them is allow the fabric of the shirt to lay naturally across the breasts instead making it look like someone painted your shirt on. They also allow even the flattest of girls to sport shapely breasts without the need to look like you shoved two watermelons in your bra and called it a day.

The Tomboy shirts come in packs of two with a ton of colors and patterns to choose from. They include the shirt on all layers, a prim chest attachment, and prim cuffs.

You can of course wear the shirt without the prims if you wish, but really? Why? You can have nice BOOBS!

One last photo of the girls before I go :P

Check out Acha's twins here!


Skin: [Plastik]-Bael-Elven-Glow-Stain

Hair: Maitreya Green II - White

Piercing: .:ellabella:. Life's a Circus

*Etchd* Dark Mark (Colorable) Box
*EtchD* Hand Stars(Colorable!) Box

::LEO-NT:: I <3 U tattoos

Fishnets: *blowpop* Seamed Fishnet Tights w/Panty -Black

Boots: Sakka's Studio // Engineer boots [BK]

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