Friday, October 30, 2009

Vampyres Will Never Hurt You.

Vampyres Will Never Hurt You

>:O Lets talk about Vampyres. Better yet, let me show you some new Vampyre pose sets only available at Lazy Places (shameless stealings of own blog to hawk my products, that's right bitches)

Six couple pose sets are available, some shown here, demos are available to test out in the basement of the main shop. Four of the poses are best suited for a tall male and shorter female and the girly vamp poses work well for avatars close in height, however they are mod so you can adjust if needed!

We have also put out a pose for all you Vamps out there that are sick of all that blood sucking and eternity crap >:O Only 75L Get Staked!

Come get your poses at Lazy Places!

Thank you Winter Jefferson for posing with me <3
Check out the hot Vampyre's blog here: In Cold Blood

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