Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seeking My Inner Vampyre

If you know me then it's no secret my lack of love of that holiday coming up. Despite all of this I do have a love of all things Vampy/Were-ish/Witchy. So for this week I decided to find my inner Vamp.

This was all easy with the new Vampy skins from [][]Trap[][]. Available in tones from white to dark, the Vampy skins are a soft ancient looking alternative to your blood soaked usual vamp skins you see around the grid. I am wearing the Tone 1 Pale version here and it is now my "normal" skin :D

I figured I would dress my little vampy self in a style that reminds me very much of a friend. The Shredder dress from Plastik was perfect for just this. Now I will warn you, wear panties unless you want the world to see what your Momma gave you. I am not wearing any here because 1. I wanted to wear this incredible tattoo from Garden of Ku and 2. The [][]Trap skin lacks the girly bits below so perv all you want you aren't getting anything :P

I topped the whole look off with a little touch of Sakura. My hair is from D!va which I will now dub as Wallet Death because all the hair there is $100L a color, gives you two versions, one with bangs, one without and is cute as hell! (thank you for showing it to me Mr. Going to make me broke <3) Be warned, the hair is no mod but does include resizer scripts, so if the demo doesn't look good, don't buy, easy right? I also am wearing the Tentacle bullring made by me for my shop Lazy Places (shameless plug) and the cute as can be Nevermore wings from Scribble :D

So, am I a cute little Vampyre? er ok shush I know I still have elf ears >_>


Nose Piercing: [LP] Tentacle Bull Ring (Black)

Eyes: <<< np >>> MYSTIC EYES pbs - FLARE ( left eyeball )
<<< np >>> MYSTIC EYES pbs - GRAVE ( right eyeball )

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Mayumi"(Platinum)(Forelock)

Boots: SiniStyle Deception Boots

Fangs: [ElecTRo Kitty] Face Piercing - Fangs

Ears: SLink Elven Ears Frogs n Beads

Shoulder Feather: ~Scribble~ Nevermore Fallen Feathers (Shoulder R)

Wings: ~Scribble~ Nevermore Wings (Spine)

Tattoo: Tattoo Neo3_GoK:forbidden planet

Skin: [][]Trap[][] Vampy Pale Tone 01 F

Dress: [Plastik]-Shredder Mini-Black

Poses: Long Awkward Pose
The December
WG-The Shir
C-Baby Got Back Too

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