Saturday, October 31, 2009

As if you didn't already know it was Halloween

This is the post in which I make a triumphant return to blogging! Okay in reality it is the first post I have been able to do in a while since my previous computer decided one night that it wanted to roll over and die. But this is not about my lack of blogging it is about the newest update to the MechanizedLife Filter cam. It is user friendly and you need it. No really you do, there are so many different filters to chose from that you could spend all day playing with it and still run out of time. Look here are just some of the pictures I tool the other day and I only really focused on the newer Halloweenie filters.

Photo HUD [ML] FilterCam HUD v1.05 – BOXED
Skin +Fallen Gods Inc. FUR xx +SKIN+ RED war
Ears !* Rebel -X- *! Werewolf Ears -available with the skins at +Fallen Gods Inc.
Claws !* Rebel -X- *! Werewolf Claws -available with the skins at+Fallen Gods Inc.
Hair Exile Maren
Dress [Plastik] -Shredder Mini-Silver
Poses (pda) poses

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