Monday, September 21, 2009

Plastik Week!

So I've been a pretty absent blogger lately. I've been busy with RL stuff and building things for the shop and all that happy crap. I decided I would try to put together 5 days of different shops I really like. Throughout the next 5 days I will be showing you outfits and skins all available at The Plastik.

The Plastik offers a range of clothing, skins, eyes, and accessories. They cater not only to humans, but elves, nekos and furries.

I thought I would kick the week off with the newest release the Astrid Jacket. The jacket is available in six colors, I'm showing Violet here. The Astrid Jacket is strappy and features a sculpted prim collar and sculpted prim cuffs.

Also seen here are a pair of the Digi leg jeans. These are great for furs, fauns and nekos or anyone who wants to have the digi leg look. These pants are also available in human legs for you human types :P

The skin I am wearing is one of the amazing skins in the new Bael Elven skins. This is the Sheba makeup from the special edition set. Available in both plain and freckeled, these are some of my favorite freckle skins. The freckles cover the entire body as freckle skins should!

Go Buy!
The Plastik
Jacket: [Plastik]-Astrid-Violet
Pants: [Plastik]-Skiinah-DIGI-Branded-Vin
Eyes: [Plastik]- Void (left eye: [Plastik]- Blind)
Skin: [plastik]-BaelElven-Spec.Ed.ApricotFRECK-Sheba
Cat Parts: [MI] Cat-Person Parts - Cherry
Hair: fri. - Lola - Emo Black

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