Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Plastik Week ~ Wednesday

Today we must talk about something very important. Prim Boobs. Yes prim boobs. But not those over sized-down-to-your-knees-no-bra-could-ever-contain-prim-boobs, no nicely done so that the wrinkles of your shirt fall naturally upon your avatar's body.

There are a few items at The Plastik that contains such prim boobs, and honestly I like them. They are not over the top and blend quite naturally with the clothing item. Now that being said they do make you a bit bigger than you normally would be but it's not over the top, it's subtle, as you can see here with the Messiah Top.

I have finished the outfit off with the Sephira Denim skirt and the Neon Sugar skin from the Bael Elven special edition line. The skirt is cute and short and flirty. I don't usually wear skirts often but I love this one. The skin's makeup has is way of being bright and glowy and just pack this incredible punch.

Want to buy?
The Plastik
Shirt: [T.P]-MessiahTop-Color-Bark
Skirt: [plastik]- SephiraDenim-PL-Pocket-Rose
Eyes: [Plastik]-JadedCollection-MIscha-Green
Skin: [plastik]-BaelElven-Spec.Ed.ApricotFRECK-NeonSugar
Boots: SiniStyle Deception Boots
Hair: fri. - Eloise - Emo Black
Horns: Illusion Horns: *~*Cernwn Horns


Winter Jefferson said...

Heh heh heh... I like this post.

Ummm.. insert educated sounding comment about the clothes here. Or something.

Heh heh heh...

Sakuradawn Lei said...

hahaha pervert

and that's why I like you X3