Monday, August 31, 2009

This is some great crap!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. No I am not talking about back to school, but that is a nice bonus. I am talking about the Poop Hunt taking place on Festivale right now. The sim look really shitty right now, I mean literally, there is shit everywhere. It looks like someone tried to clean it up with toilet paper, but the job was just too big so now the place is covered with poo and potty paper. I suggest donning a biohazard suit and sifting through all the excrement because you may just find some wonderful crap. I have a few stool samples for you to look at!

You just may be launching a sea pickle with joy for all the butt rock you find.

Credits - all this pooh can be had Here

Photo one
Gritty Kitty Skull and Paint Tee
Tiny Bird Ring of Fire hair (Which I almost types Ring of Phire)
Pig Unisexy Dungarees- brown
Tiny Bird Starlight by Aut 2 skin
Photo two
Chikka Designs cuteness dress
TinyBird Faux de Fafa II
Tinybird Starlight by Aut 1 skin
Photo three
Vanitas Vesture Festival TP top
smudge -help up the ladder
Tinybird Starlight by Aut 2 skin
Tinybird Sprocket
Photo four
Pig Ozfest '97 bikini bottom asparagus
This is a Fawn Faux Bois Tee
Tiny Bird Art Teacher I
TinyBird Starlight by Aut 3
Zut stick vase and gothic rug
Mudhoney Designs Tetra Changing Sofa
Masquerade Parade Wall Art

Poses in all are the [LAP] Wondergirls II poses found in the Captain Corn Crap

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