Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spotlight : Shine and Exile Black Swan goodies

Today I am going to focus the spotlight on Shine and Exile. These two go together like peanut butter and jelly, at least to me. So here there are being blogged together. I am wearing the Breeze hair from Exile in both these pictures which is available at Black Swan only at the moment. In the first set of photos I am wearing the Brimstone jewelry which is technically intended for the menfolk, but can easily be edited smaller for the females out there.

As the name indicates the Brimstone set is geared toward the element of fire, perfect for me! If you notice the orange looking gemstones, well the texture of these actually looking and moves like flowing lava. Sadly not something I could really capture in pictures. The other beads and medallions are carved with what looks to be a Celtic sort of design.

Next is the ladies set call Nereid. I admit I turned to Google to find out what it meant. What I learned was that Nereids are sea nymphs, making it a very fitting name for this set.

This set comes with two necklace styles, bracelets and earrings! The necklaces come in chest and spine attachment points so you can wear them together like I did.

The cascade necklace features metal waves mixed with pearls and peal-like water droplet dangling from the center, which you can't see in the pictures. The choker is made up of three strands of pearls with a rectangle medallion in the center with a water droplet almost encased in it. The bracelet is an elegant combination of both the cascade necklace and choker. The earrings take the water droplet and wraps it in the metal waves of the necklace and bracelet. I apologize for not getting better pictures of all the pieces, but think of it as motivation to go check it out for yourself.

Photos 1&2
Hair: Exile Breeze Sand at Black Swan
Jewelry: Shine Brimstone at Black Swan
Lingerie: *Catharsis Machiavelli lingerie (tangerine) (not for sale)
Eyes: Shine Cover Flame
Skin: [Rockberry] Aoki D Natural
Poses: Striking Poses Maxim and Playboy cover pose sets

Photos 3&4
Hair: Exile Breeze Honey at Black Swan
Jewelry: Shine Nereid at Black Swan
Lingerie: T..a..R..t Monique white
Eyes: Shine Covet Oasis
Skin: [Rockberry] Aoki D Natural
Poses: [LAP] Eye Candy and '08 LE poses (not for sale)

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