Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spotlight: Eye Candy Belisama's jewlery for Black Swan

Long enough title huh? Well in the spotlight today we have one of the offerings from Eye Candy that can be had from the Swan Song event over at Black Swan. Belisama's Mantle is sold as separate necklaces or the Liz Taylor pack which features all three, the option I totally suggest. First we will take a look at Belisama's Torc.

The Torc is the simplest of the three and I don't mean that in a bad way. Trust me when you see the other two you will understand. The gold of the Torc has a hammered sort of look to it in my opinion. I love the way the pieces flow from one to another so fluidly. Watch we got from Torc to the Jewels.

See what I was saying about flowing together? Notice how the the back is the same at the front of the Torc and now you have this fancy front. Now I have struggled with what to call the adornments hanging from the necklace, are they feathers, talons or am I putting too much thought into naming it instead of enjoying it's beauty? Last, but by no means least of the trio is the Mantle.

Again we have the flow from one piece to the next with the Mantle incorporating parts of the Torc and Jewels into it, but still being it's own at the same time. The Mantle is made up of red jeweled feathers. It just begs for an exposed back to showcase it in all it's glory. After seeing all three now you can understand why I called the Torc the "simplest" of the group. Click on the pictures for larger views, you won't be sorry.

Jewelry: ~EC~ SwanSong Belisama's Mantle - Liz Taylor Pack at Black Swan
Dress: Last Call Dresden Doll
Hair: *Truth* Montague in black
Skin: Celestial Studios (DN)Vogue- Amber (Last Call- G-String)
Eyes: Shine Lustrous Aurum (large)
Poses: [LAP] Red Carpet Diva Set

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Jeff Byer said...

The design shown is very beautiful.... how creative..