Thursday, August 13, 2009

Panty Raid Tease

It's teaser time! Tomorrow starts the Starlust Panty Raid and I was able to get my greedy little hands on a few things to tease you with already. Okay so it doesn't hurt to have friends in all the right places. I am not ashamed of that.

Anyway the poses, panty set and hair are all goodies that you can get if you find the right clams. Notice how the pink in the undies matches the hair so well, it is almost as if Sakura and Allegory planned it....hmmmmmm. There are three different sets of Electro-cute undies for you to find and there is another prize from Lazy Places that I didn't show you. I am not going to give away all the surprises! You have your work cut out for you because last time I checked there were a bazillion Starlustlands to hunt on (fine maybe not a bazillion but it sure seems that way)

Credits for the starlust prizes
Panty set: Schadenfreude Purple Elephant Electro-cute undies (these can be bought in the store if you don't feel like hunting them down)
Hairs: Lazy Places Dawn, Sansa and Deeba in Holy Shit That's Pink - Starlust Hunt exclusive
Poses: Lazy PLaces
Starlust Panty Raid pose set ( I was told these may be sold after the hunt is over)

Credits for the rest
skin: [Rockberry] Uma DDOS Hubt gift natural (no longer available I believe)
Eyes: Shine Covet Clarity (large)
Bed: Mehndi Designs Star Addicion bed

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