Sunday, August 16, 2009

I love tentacles

There I said it. I have this thing for the squirmy slimy things. Don't know why. I sure don't like them in RL but in SL I seem to be drawn to them (clean your dirty minds people, I don't like them like that!) So when I heard of the Designer's United event and the Jellyfish theme I ran over to see what was to be offered and I was not disappointed!

I thought I would show off the two things that I loved the most from all the amazing creations there. The LaGyo_Octopus ring was the first thing that caught my eye and got my lindens. This ring is incredible! It's big and chunky and full of tentacle love :D There is an incredible amount of detail in the ring.

The other thing that caught my eye was the [[SHADE THRONE]]] JELLYFISH e a r r i n g s. These glowy Jellyfish come in a jar with a little Jellyfish inside. It was very hard to get a clear photo of the earrings as the textures swirl and move continuously in a beautifully hypnotic way. I took a photo with the night windlight setting so you could get a clearer look at them since they glow like crazy in my usual setting. I wish I could have gotten a better photo for you but you can go check out the jellyfish in the jar and see for yourself how it moves and looks.

For a little more info on the Designers United event click here.

Please note, these items are only available until August 25, 2009 so hurry!

Earrings: [[SHADE THRONE]]] JELLYFISH e a r r i n g s

Ring: LaGyo_Octopus ring

Shirt:!Ohmai : Love Control

All can be found at the Designers United Event

Skin:[PF]Raine Cream Feather ltbrow/freckles

Eyes:<<< np >>> Lunar EYES

Hair:Gritty Kitty: BLACK Ghetto

Work in Progress

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